Who Is Prajith Padmanabhan? – First Wife, New Wife, Age & Net Worth

Prajith Padmanabhan is a 52-year-old Bahrain Based Businessman. He hails from Tamil Nadu and got married to famous Malayalam singer and actor Mamta Mohandas in 2011. But due to a lack of love and understanding between the two, they got divorced in 2012 after 1 year of marriage.

Prajith Padmanabhan Wiki, Age, and Family Details

Prajith Padmanabhan was born on 01 January 1970 in Tamil Nadu. As of the year 2022, he is 52 years old. He belongs to the Bahrain family. He is a successful businessman. No further information is available about his parents. And he has no children.

NamePrajith Padmanabhan
Age52 years
Birth Date01 January 1970
First Wife Mamta Mohandas
Second Wife#Nill
Prajith Padmanabhan Wiki, Age, and Family Details

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Prajith Padmanabhan got engaged to famous Malayalam actress and playback singer Mamta Mohandas on 11 November 2011 and got married on 28 December 2011 in a hotel in Kozhikode, Kerala state. Prajith Padmanabhan and Mamta Mohandas were childhood friends. But due to unknown reasons, they could spend life together only for 1 year. Both of them could not enjoy the happiness of having children and on 12 December 2012 Cash filed in the court for divorce, And the two separated. Mamta Mohandas suffered a lot when she had cancer, wearing a wig and going on shoots during her chemotherapy.

Prajith Padmanabhan New Wife

After the divorce of Prajith Padmanabhan and Mamta Mohandas, Prajith Padmanabhan has not remarried. So Prajith Padmanabhan New Wife is #Nil

Prajith Padmanabhan Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Prajith Padmanabhan’s net worth is around 1.3 million. He was the Most Successful Businessman.

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