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nej’ French Pop Singer Wiki : Real Name, Age, Language, Networth, & Social Media Account Details

Nej’ is an Arabic-French pop singer. And she released her first song “My Love” in 2016. Which went viral on YouTube and social media due to which she became very famous. Nej’s real name is Nej Frech Pop Singer. Nej’ is a native of France and has released a total of 59 albums to date. All of which have gone viral. in this article, we provide full information about French Pop Singer nej’.

French Pop Singer nej'
French Pop Singer nej’

Sort Bio Of French Pop Singer nej’

Real Name Nej
Nick Name nej’
Profession Singer
Age 28 years (As Per 2022)
Date Of Birth 30 June 1994
Birth Place Toulouse, France
Home Town Toulouse, France
Religion Islam
Zodiac sign Cancer
Nationality French
Ethnicity Arabic  (French)
Relation Ship Status Married
Husband Name Yamine Right
Have a Children’s? Yes

nej with her husband Yamine Right and new born children
nej with her husband Yamine Right and newborn children

Physical View

Height 5.6 Feet
Weight 58 Kg
Hair Colour Dark brown
Eye Colour Brown

Nej’ Social Media Account Details

Social Media Name Profile User Name And Link
Instagram nejofficial
Tiktok @nejofficial_
Twitter @NejOfficiel
Facebook nejofficiel
Youtube NEJ’official
Snapchat nej3192

Nej’ Contact Details

Email Id mielnoirmusic@gmail.com

Life Story Of Nej’

Nej’ is an Arabic-French pop singer. And she released her first song “My Love” in 2016. His first song reached the top of the French hip hop charts. She started singing without any training or help from any French singer or anyone else and achieved great success in a short time. In 2022, she did a musical tour in Tunisia.

nej' In Tunisia
nej’ In Tunisia

As his songs became more successful, his popularity also increased and he got the chance to sing with big and world-famous singers. She has also done many musical tours, among which the tour of Algeria in the summer of 2017 has been the most successful.

nej’ Husband Details

nej' with her husband yamine right
nej’ with her husband yamine right

Her husband’s name is Yamine right, and they have a child together. Her husband Yamine right is also a singer. And has more than 4 lakh followers on Instagram. And also has more than 8 lakh, monthly listeners, on Spotify.

Nej’ Songs Details

No. Song (Album) Name Release Date
1 Ena Ena 19/05/2017
2 Mamayé 12/01/2018
3 Delhi 09/04/2018
4 Fauter 12/05/2018
5 I Miss U 06/09/2018
6 Où Tu Es 01/12/2018
7 Allô 23/03/2019
8 Mon Numéro 15/06/2019
9 Fin Du Jeu 06/07/2019
10 C’est Comme Ça 27/07/2019
11 Ana Kidali 15/11/2019
12 Sajena 29/11/2019
13 Laisser Tomber 14/12/2019
14 Romeo 17/12/2019
15 El Gharam 02/03/2020
16 La Nuit 02/03/2020
17 Fast Life 02/03/2020
18 Mon Numéro 02/03/2020
19 Ce Que L’on Sème 02/03/2020
20 Adios 02/03/2020
21 Nya 02/03/2020
22 Ça Peut Coller 02/03/2020
23 I Miss U 02/03/2020
24 Ça Fait Longtime 02/03/2020
25 Roméo 02/03/2020
26 Alabina Remix 03/03/2020
27 Bébé 03/03/2020
28 Poupiya 03/03/2020
29 Tourner La Tête 03/03/2020
30 Attends-Moi 03/03/2020
31 Bébé 10/06/2020
32 Petit Chat 28/11/2020
33 Paro 21/05/2021
34 Sos 18/06/2021
35 Toxic Boy 18/06/2021
36 Imagine 18/06/2021
37 J’ai Mal 18/06/2021
38 Pars 18/06/2021
39 Bahibek 18/06/2021
40 Double Je 18/06/2021
41 Ma Colombe 18/06/2021
42 Pars 18/06/2021
43 Ma Colombe 06/08/2021
44 Ma Colombe X Tagne (Moroccan Remix) 25/11/2021
45 Je T’aime 17/12/2021
46 Je T’aime 17/12/2021
47 Habille-Moi De Ton Nom 14/01/2022
48 Je Suis Comme Toi 14/01/2022
49 Derrière 14/01/2022
50 Je Reste 14/01/2022
51 Muerte 14/01/2022
52 Khalass 14/01/2022
53 Ma Sœur 25/01/2022
54 Mi Amore 20/05/2022
55 Mi Amore 03/06/2022
56 Paro 08/07/2022
57 Paro 02/08/2022

Nej’ Networth

According to information from social media and other platforms, Nej’s net worth is more than 10 million.

The sources of personal income are as follows.

  • Nej earns more than $1200 per year through Spotify.
  • She has more than 7 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  • She has more than 5 lakh followers on Instagram.
  • Every video on her YouTube channel has millions of views.
nej' photo
nej’ photo

Facts About French Pop Singer nej’

  • Nej earns more than $1200 per year through Spotify.
  • She has gone through more than 59 songs on her journey till 2022.
  • In 2022, she did a musical tour in Tunisia.
  • Her song “Ena Ena” went viral on social media.
  • Her song “Paro” was released in 2021, and went viral.
  • She has more than 7 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  • She has more than 5 lakh followers on Instagram.
nej Instagram Post
nej Instagram Post
  • She has more than 8 thousand followers on Twitter.
  • She has 4068281 monthly listeners on Spotify.
  • She is very famous for her frequent postings on her own YouTube channel.
  • Every video on her YouTube channel has millions of views.


Source : popnable.com, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Tiktok

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