Lou Sulola Samuel | Know All About Heidi and Seal’s Small Daughter

Lou Sulola Samuel is the 13-year-old daughter of international supermodel and famous British Singer Seal. She became very famous for being the daughter of the famous British singer Seal. And Lou Sulola does not use any social media and her social media account is not available.

Lou Sulola Samuel has no prominent identity but she is very famous for being the daughter of a famous and successful couple in the world. Lou Sulola Samuel’s father Seal is an international supermodel and famous British Singer and his mother Heidi Klum Is a German-American model, television host, producer, and businesswoman.

In this article, we have provided complete information about Heidi and Seal’s Daughter Lou Sulola Samuel, including her age, Date of Birth, Parent’s Details, Sibling Details, Boy Friend Details, Net Worth, etc. If you are interested in getting complete information about Heidi and Seal’s Daughter Lou Sulola Samuel then don’t stop scrolling the page.

Wikipedia Summary Of Lou Sulola Samuel

NameLou Sulola Samuel
Age13 years
Date Of Birth9th October 2009
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States
MotherHeidi Klum
SiblingLeni, JohanHenry
Grand Parent’sErna Klum, Günther Klum, Adebisi Samuel, Francis Samuel
Wikipedia Summary Of Lou Sulola Samuel

Lou Sulola Samuel is 13 years old

Lou Sulola Samuel was born on 9th October 2009 in Los Angeles, California, United States, as of 2022 she is 13 years old. His birth sign is Libra and his nationality is American. Her mother is German, and her father is Nigerian, making her of mixed ethnicity.

Lou Sulola Samuel is Very beautiful in appearance

Lou Sulola Samuel is Very beautiful in appearance. Her height is 5.1 inches and her weight is 46 kilograms. She has dark brown eyes and curly and dark black hair. Lou Sulola Samuel is also mature like his mother.

Lou Sulola Samuel’s parents had a love marriage.

As Per, Lou Sulola Samuel’s mother Heidi Klum, and father Seal met in 2004 in a hotel lobby in York City. Heidi Klum was sitting with a mutual friend when Seal walked through the door in a pair of tight-fitting bike shorts. There both saw each other and both were attracted to each other. Both liked each other and this meeting later turned into love. The two got married in Mexico in 2005 after dating each other for a year.

Lou Sulola Samuel has two brothers and one half-sister

Lou Sulola Samuel has two brothers named Johan and Henry and one half-sister named Leni. Leni is the eldest of these four siblings, the daughter of Lou Sulola’s mother’s ex-boyfriend Flavio Briatore. Thus Leni is a half-sister of Lou Sulola.

His eldest brother Henry was born on 12 September 2005 and his full name is Henry Günther Adeola Dashtu. And another brother Johan was born on 22 November 2006 and his full name is Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel.

Lou Sulola Samuel’s mother is very popular German-American model

As Per Wikipedia Lou Sulola Samuel’s 49 years old mother Heidi Klum Is a German-American model, television host, producer, and businesswoman.

She appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1998 and was the first German model to become a Victoria’s, Secret Angel. Klum married stylist Rick Pippino in 1997 but divorced in 2002 for unknown reasons. After her divorce, in 2003 she was in a relationship with the Italian managing director of Renault’s Formula One team, Flavio Briatore, but the two separated when she became pregnant in December 2003.

After that, Heidi Klum got into a relationship with singer Seal. Klum gave birth to Flavio Briatore’s daughter Leni in May 2004, but Heidi Klum has insisted that Seal is Leni’s father. Heidi Klum and Singer Seal Married in 2005.  And became the parents of 4 children with Leni. But after 7 years of marriage, on 06 April 2012, they divorced seal. Recently married again in February 2019 to Tokyo Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz. And recently lives with her 4 children and husband Tom Kaulitz.

Lou Sulola Samuel’s father is famous British Singer

As per Wikipedia Lou Sulola Samuel’s 59-year-old Father Seal is international supermodel and famous British Singer. Seal has won multiple awards throughout his career, including three Brit Awards. he won Best British Male in 1992. He has also won four Grammy Awards and an MTV Video Music Award.  His songs “Crazy” and “Killer” have sold over 20 million records worldwide.

Klum and Seal fell in love with each other in 2004 after Klum announced her breakup with Flavio Briatore after getting pregnant for the first time. The two got married in 2005 on a beach in Mexico near Seal’s home. But after 7 years of relationship, both of them divorced for some unknown reason.

She does not use any social media

Most celebrities are creating accounts on every social media for promotion and social media fame in the name of their children. Due to this the popularity of them as well as their children also increases. But in the case of Lou Sulola Samuel, it is quite the opposite. Neither his parents nor himself have created any social media accounts. Currently, his focus is only on his studies.

Lou Sulola Samuel’s parents are very rich in terms of net worth.

Lou Sulola Samuel’s father, singer Seal, and his mother, Heidi Klum, are both successful individuals. According to Forbes, Singer Seal’s net worth is 42 million and Heidi Klum’s net worth is 25 million in the year 2022.


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